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diagnosed march 2009 w/ 3rd stage breast cancer. chemo was suprisingly success! recieved a stack of surviver literature from onc. mentioned still havin headaches which i assumed was just one of the chemo side effects i'd been having.mri a few days later shows 5 large tumers in brain. they're guessing it traveled from breast through lymphnodes . had surgery after chemo and tissue removed showed no cancer. weird. docs decide 2 wks of radiation.mri says shrinkage enough2do surgery but a more detailed mri just prior 2 surgery says growth. so change of plans to radiosurgery. 2 days last wk. wont have another mri for a while 2 see if it worked. been having pretty bad headaches:( there's absolutly no cancer in my family. all the women live well past thier 80's. i'm only 42 yrs old. i dont get it.

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