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My beloved husband Mel was diagnosed with a Grade IV GBM on Feb. 16, 2010, and had a craniotomy on Feb 22, 2010. He is 57 years old, was an avid golfer, fisherman and outdoorsman. He is now 1 week out from chemo (Temodar) and radiation, and is having many issues such as low grade fever, no appetite, no taste sensation and he is cold all the time. I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer. Many thanks and God bless.. UPDATE>>>>We saw Mel's surgeon today, 5/5/10, and he wanted to put Mel back on the Decadron...I totally disagree...the steroids are what put him in his currenrt predicament...extreme weakness, loss of muscle mass, weight loss, and a general feeling of malaise...I wanted an appetite stimulant, but received a script for more of the same...needless to say, we did not refill the steroids...and the neurologist agreed with me...wish us luck as we try something else...Many thanks and God bless you all...

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