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    I can definitely identify with what you are saying and feeling.  The struggle to survive cancer is tremendous.  I feel like you do many times.  In fact, i stopped treatment last year because I got so sick.  Then it came back again. Right now, I just had my 2nd colon resection in Dec./2011.  Currently, I'm undergoing chemo again.  I'm not happy about it.  I'm trying to live however,...

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      Kimcglynn, Was your father-in-law tested for metabolic defiencies before taking the 5fu?  If not, make sure you ask for these special tests to see if the 5fu will even work for him.  Look up the site for polymvasurvivors.com it may help him.  Also seek alternative or integrative therapies and doctors to help him. Check out cancertutor.com orflaxseedoil2@yahoo.com.  I almost was overdosed once on...

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        Hi my name is Mary.  I just had a second colon resection on Decer. 28, 2011.  Right now, I'm at the point of restarting chemo which I hate.  I had a very bad reaction the last time to chemo.  I thought I was going to die. I stopped the treatments and lo and behold 2 small cancerous tumors grew.  I had them removed and they founf 2 other tumors that weren't cancerous yet.  They are recom...

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        Hi My name is Mary. I just had a cancerous tumor removed from my intestines. I have stage 3 colon cancer. The cancer has spread to some of my lymph nodes. I'm about to begin treatment with Folfox. I am very scared. I've heard positive things about this treatment and a few scary things. Please share ay positive experiences with me and let's support each other in any way we can. Mary

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