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i was a smoker for 44 yrs  

i am 56

i don't have GBM, my tumors are mets from lung cancer, there are two very small nodules.  thinking whole brain so that if there are small non seen nodules, we shrink them then even "playing field" hopefully shrinking the two that can be seen and then if need go after them

same horrible side effects?

thanks, i take mine at nite, not sure it's working

i get and have been getting more depressed during the day, have anti anxiety meds but i'm not anxious. wonder if i should take depression pillls during the day


don't even know what GBM is

my tumors are operable and i can do just those (way small)

were his tumors mets or was it originally brain cancer?

the info i am reading is old, meaning haven't seen anything fro 2013, any new info on this?

pros and cons

want to do whole brain and then if two small tumors have not shrunk or gone away, cyberknife

thank you so much helen, i too plan on going out (chicago sub) been waiting for a day like today and going to enjoy it!

what does NED mean (sorry to sound ingnorant)

i so so hope you are right!


hi, i've been here before and byrd you helped alot

i go sat to have a ct scan to see if the got the cancer

what do you think the chance are?

stage nsclc tumor and lymphnodes removed, 6 weeks (ix week chemo and 5 days radiation

i hope it gets warmer soon

i'm sorry.  was it always stage 4?  i have trouble breathing only when i do something strenuous but then it calms down and i'm fine.

wishing you the best!

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