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    I waited 8 months beore I had mine flushed, and it worked well. I haven't had treatment in over a year, but I still have cancer, so the port stays. I have renal cell carcinoma metastisized to my lungs. I was being treated with Opdivo infusions. The cancer is still there, although no longer growing. It may or may not grow again, but the port needs to stay just in case. The port doesn't bother me, so I don't mind it be...

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      Unless you are 100% positive that the port won't be used again, leave it in and have it flushed about every two months. If your doctor says it's ok to remove it, it's a minor procedure you should have performed by the same doctor that installed it, if possible.

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        I passed out at home due to a shortage of blood. After arriving at the emergency room, multiple tests were done to find the cause of the leak. One of these tests was a CT scan which showed nodules in both lungs. One of the nodules was biopsied and turns out I had metastatic kidney cancer. This was October 2014. I had a cancerous kidney removed in August, 2007, which was found during an angiogram to find out why I was...

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          Hi Dan? These messages can be confusing. I lost my kidney in 2007 due to RCC. I was diagnosed in Oct 2014 with mets to lungs. I am doing very well still. My CT scans show a stability in the mets and I am now on CT scans every 6 months and bloodwork every 3 months where it was every 3 months for CT scan and every week for bloodwork. Don't get discouraged by anything! Keep a positive attitude and good things will happ...

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            I had my right kidney removed in August, 2007. It was done laparoscopically and the surgery took 50 minutes. I was in the hospital 5 days, then rested for 2 weeks and I was back to normal. Make sure you get CAT SCANS as part of your folow-up treatment. I got chest x-rays and it didn't find the metastesis(7 years later) to my lungs until it was too late to operate. It was found accidently while I was in the hospital ...

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              Thanks, I'll try it.

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                  I am currently battling Renal Cell Carcinoma, Metastatic. I also live alone, which has an effect on your eating habits. The immunotherapy drug I am on, "Sutent", as all drugs, has it's side effects. One of those side effects, as I'm sure with most chemotherapy drugs, is loss of apetite. You get to the point where you just don't feel like eating most of the time. It's very difficult to continuously force yourself to e...

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                    Has anybody found a good lotion to deal with Hand and Foot Syndrome?

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                      Sue, If your husband is disabled, he should be able to get medicaid, and they will pay for it. That is the route I am on, and they have paid 100%. You are correct about being eligible for medicare 24 months after being declared disabled. Mike

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                      I am 65 yr old male. I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma in October, 2014. I had a nephrectomy in August, 2007 and it has metastasized to my lungs. I am taking Sutent..Update 10/11/17...I am now closing in on my 64th birthday (Dec 20th) and am feeling great. and doing very well in my battle against cancer. I switched to Opdivo 6 months ago and the results have been fantastic with virtually no side effects. My left lung is now clear and my right lung has a few much smaller nodules.
                      Update 1/26/2019. I am doing very well. I have not had any treatment in 9 months and my doctor has now got me on CT scans every 6 months. Life is good, don't get discouraged. You can beat cancer.

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