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    I am having the same surgery soon and would like info too! I'm a mother of 4, my youngest is one year old.im scared and don't know what to expect. Drs wants me to do genetic testing before surgery so I'm hoping I get it right after Christmas

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      Request to have a EUS(endoscopic ultrasound) That's how my pancreatic Cancer was found . I had ct and mri even Ocetritide scan couldn't pick it up. The pains she had sounds like the symptoms I presented with. Good luck take care

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          I'm so confused I had two types of thyroid cancer in 2010. Papillary and follicular variant Had to RAI treatments and now recently dx with pancreatic cancer. I'm in a lot of pain... I don't understand how can this happen ? I'm 34 years old with four children . I'm hurt, angry and scared of what's to come... I already have hepatic cellular adenomas and worried the adenomas can turn to cancer But currently...

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          I am 34 yrs old, married , mother of 4.I am currently going through a series of medical conditions but taking care the cancer is first! On May 4, 2010 , I had a total thyroidectomy at the suggestion of my dr who was suspicious something else was going on! So in trust i did and thank god i did! Found 2 mailgnant tumors, one on each lobe so it spread... It was pappilary carcinoma and follicular variant. I knew for so long something was wrong But i didn't fit the profile and the blood test were normal! It is now 2014 dx pancreatic cancer found on tail and need surgery. Too stressful and scary!
          Remember you have to be your own advocate and go with your gut! Keep positive...Wish everyone speedy recovery and good health...

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