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    Feb 14 will mark 16 years since my husband had a distal pancreatcomy followed by radiation, chemo for 2 years to become cancer free. Then the aftermath of melanomia removal, scar tissue removal, pain blockers, and drugs and more drugs to keep him vertical and have some quality of life. Well the old stabbing pain started back last summer and we spoke with 2 oncologists, and a Dr on the origonal team who did his surger...

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      Thanks so much for the prayers. They are working. We are waiting on the full path report and go back on Tuesday for a treatment plan. He definetly has a tumor with abnormal cells located between 2 arteries behind the head of his pancreas. They had a difficult time getting a biopsy. In any event, they don't believe it is reoccuring pancreatic cancer but some other type of cancerous tumor. The bad news is that it is ca...

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        Our body has 1000's of lymph nodes. This is confusing....When they did my husbands surgery they said that they got clean margins and removed all of the lymph nodes in the surrounding area, I think 27 total. But alas, it seems to have reoccured anyway after 16  1/2 years from the origonal surgery. I think the cancer just basically goes to sleep and one day it just wakes up again. I know we are all born with cance...

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          Yes, this is rare...They are doing genetic testing now to see why the reoccurrence has happened after so long. They believe he has a rare genetic disease since he had melanoma and pancreatic cancer. (BRCA mutation). Also, we believe he has more t-cells than most people that has helped him fight this off for so long. Yes the cancer and treatment has been painful for him for many years however, he has had many more goo...

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            October 19 at 7:40 PM
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              I pray he has beat it...Anything is possible. We believe my husband 17 years of survival has alot to do with blueberry/pomogranite green tea he brews every day. He drinks a gallon a day and keeps a very restrictive diet. He has a couple of new tumors they just found behind the head and in the bed around the pancreas. He had the tail removed origonally with a distal procedure. It has been rough for him, we were told h...

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                Thank you and may God bless you. I thought this forum was for care givers and my faith in God and that of those who have prayed for him have obviously worked and it is sad that people have to be so negative when this is such an incredbile story. I pray this story gives others hope who are fighting this horrible disease. I pray for denver88 also.. God is not dead, he is still alive and in the business of making miracl...

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                  Sorry you lost your father, I have thought I would lose my husband almost every day since he was diagnosed. It is truly a horrible disease. I just hope that the studies they do on him may help others with this disease. Thank goodness they continually come up with new procedures and cures and perhaps his history will help in their studies. He didn't give up and I just hope and pray that others don't.

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                    My husband (The Miracle Man) survived a distal (tail removal) stage 4 and now it may have recurred. He is blessed to have lived this long rocky road. Most of it great! He had an agressive oncologist who got him Avastin still in trials for lung cancer to add to his cocktail of other drugs when it recurred in 2004 with a vengance. He lived through it hairless, toenails and fingernails gone, and even a few teeth missing...

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