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    I've never heard about the papaya leaves curing cancer, however, I've heard that the papaya it self is very good to fight it. I also heard that if you take the papaya seeds, dry them out and grind them then put over your food it's very good for fighting cancer. We have a papaya tree which, my husband started eating about a week ago.  

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      2 yrs ago on Dec.2, 2010 we got the DX, he is not a smoker. We ofcourse, were devastated we have 3 children now 20yrs, 6 yrs and our lil miracle 3yrs. We went to the Cleaveland clinic in Weston, Florida biggest mistake of our lives. They basically said he had 6mo to live if he did nothing and 1yr if he did chemo, BUT if he did this clinical trial he had about an additional 4mo. Thankfully we found another D...

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        how long do people normally take Tareva for before building immunity to it? My DH was diagnosed in Dec.1st with stage 4 NSCLC. He started to take Tarceva on Feb. he got the rash, the runs and tummy problems. He's now been on the drug for a lil over 2 mo and still has all the symptoms. His rash is however, getting better and his face is clearing up especially around his eyes. I'm scared cause of the obvious but, ...

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        My DH and I have been married for almost 18yrs and known eachother since we were in the playpen :). We have 3 beautiful kids . My DH was diagnosed with Stage 4 NSCLC on Dec.

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