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    The nightmares started for us 5-11-2010.  We have been out watching and reading many posts but have not posted much our self.   However I have not seen an issue of swelling legs, knees, calfs, ankles and feet.    He is not on any steroids.   Methadone for pain chemo 5/28.   If any one has had this issue or knows what could be causing it please let us know.  ...

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    My husband, soul mate, best friend was diagnosised with multifocal GBM 4 5/28/10. 5/11/10 went to ER with extreme headaches that would not go away. Surgery on 5/21 on Left Parietal lobe removed 98% of tumor, second one stayed located left of midline in area of corpus callosum. 6 Weeks of rad and chemo(temodar 160mg 7days)3 weeks off 1st round of 5/23 was 300mg, 2nd round 400mg. Last MRI was 9/15 tumor 1 seems to be gone, tumor 2 might have grown however could be reaction to treatment. Next MRI mid October. We have been married for 23 years and have two sons ages 23 and 15 and a 9 month old grandson. couple updates, MRI 1-7 showed tumor 1 just about gone, tumor 2 reduced in size 25%. 3-2-11 MRI showed tumor 2 has reduced in size again however he now has new tumor. This tumor is on the same side (left) by his vision. 3-7 will be meeting with Rad, to talk about stero radation.

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