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    Tina88, so sorry to read about Cliff's passing. Wishing for peace for you while you move on and try to start over...we are always here listening... Mrs. Fritz Bev

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      Hey Rocking Roxie, It is strange that so much goes on and so much has gone past us. Fred and I are still fighting the fight,3 1/2 yrs and counting.... he is still driving and making plans for the future so God is good to us but things are getting tougher all the time. My heart goes out to so many others out there... Love and stuff, prayers for peace and strength Mrs. Fritz Bev

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        Haven't posted in a while. Fred is doing well, scans are still clear with no treatments for 5 months. Fred is still battling some deficits but fighting along in good spirits - he bought a 3 wheeler motorcycle and is having a grand time. I had to take some time away, this board is so important but it just rips my heart up to see the suffering. Good to see some old names still here...so sad to see new ones. Take care a...

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        This is a photo of my husband Fred and I with grandson. Fred was diagnosed with Grade IV GBM in the Temporal/Parietal region Nov '08. It was inoperable. He had radiation and Temadar for 6 weeks, then just Temadar. It failed and he began Avastin March '09. I can only say it has been a miracle. Scans are good, we are traveling and Fred is enjoying life. God is so Good. He is considered in remission and has stopped treatment. We will take this ride as far as it goes....so far, we have made over 2 1/2 years. I've heard that salt cures all. I personaly like the salt in -tears, the ocean and of course Margarita's. Fins up to all you Parrothead's out there and may the Lord bless us all. Fred passed away Sept 10, 2012. He enjoyed his life as much as possible to the end.Hope goes on for the other warriors out there. Bev.

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