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Pancreatic Cancer
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Mike passed away just 11 months after his diagnosis. He fought so hard but his liver became more tumor than liver and he experience severe confusion and very severe pain.
Below is our journey...keep hope because if you don't have hope you don't have anything!

Diagnosed 12/16/14 with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas,2.5 cm tumor on the head of the pancreas. First, was given a stage 0
then staged him at IV with met to the liver
Given 8 to 11 months

Hospitalized for an ERCP and stent placement in the bile ducts to drain the bile better and decrease pressure and pain.

Other procedures done at this time and health issues:
-2 ERCPs
-severe pancreatitis to where the digestive juices leaked out causing the fatty layer to be torn apart and all over the organs in that area (which made it difficult during the surgery)
-Hospital infection
-they put in a nasogastric feeding tube and he was started on liquid only diet.
-put in a pic-line in his neck.

Had a Whipple surgery 1/25/15 Was told they got it all. But, there were 6 out of 27 lymph nodes affected. Mike had 2 hospital infections, one that needed Vancomycin to treat it.

-gave him 4 units of blood
-more antibiotics
-started him on inter venous feeding, nothing by mouth.

During the prolonged time it took for Mike to heal (about 8 weeks), the cancer spread to his liver.

-put in a port in chest to start chemotherapy
-started with Folfirinox with bolus
did 2 rounds.

But, the spleen started to enlarge and his platelets were too low to do another treatment.

-had a splenetic embolization to kill off part of the spleen so it would not store so many of the platelets.

-embolization was a success and platelet count went back up.
-had chemo
-we went to get a second opinion they did a scan and CA both of which showed a big increase in size and amount of cancer in the liver and blood.

-went home and doc started him on Gemzar/Abraxane
-Did three rounds, CA went up each time. Did a scan and one tumor grew to 5 to 7cm

- (he is now at 9 months) embolized that tumor, appears to be a success, large grey area where the tumor was treated, affected a greater area of the liver than expected--not sure if that was a good idea.

-Went back on the folfirinox just until we could find a clinical trial.
-10/18 starting clinical trial on Tuesday. Mike is down another 12 lbs. from the 60 he lost after the surgery.

(10 months) he's very tired, and now having some pain in his back, directly behind where his tumors are in the front liver.

We haven't heard anything positive since the surgeon said he Got it All.

It's been a continuous heart ache but we find hope in new research and are hoping that this trial will be his miracle.

UPDATE: Mike was able to do one round of SS1P treatment (clinical trial). CT scan came back showing that the tumors increased in numbers as well as size even during the treatment.

Called Hospice. Mike is having ascites, especially in the belly and legs, feet and hands are huge. His pain has increased and he takes more pain medicine. He cannot do anymore treatment of any kind due to his high liver enzymes. It is doubtful that he will recover.

He passed on November 1, 2015

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