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    You made some very good points that I didn’t think of. If they would have done the fna, they would have known to take the whole thyroid and I wouldn’t be having another surgery next month. I understand that they didn’t remove the right lobe because they thought I had what they call NIFTP, and even though my cancer had not spread, I think they still should have recommended I have the other half removed. I felt like th...

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      I insisted that I want the other side removed and they are doing it. The doctor said it is not necessary but I am not comfortable watching and waiting. The last thing I want is to go through surgery again but I need peace of mind. Thanks :)

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        I had been very confused as to what was going on. During surgery the pathologist said that what I had was classified as NIFTP. I guess that is something they used to call cancer but now they do not. MThe final pathology report showed mine had papillary cancer features. It was encapsulated and did not spread anywhere. Because of this, they said no other treatment was needed. When I had a follow up ultrasound a few day...

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            I want to share my story with thyroid cancer with you. This is the first support site I have joined. I found out I had a 6CM nodule less than 4 months ago. I’ve been through a lot these last few months and I want to help others by offering my support and experiences. I wrote a blog post on my entire journey so far and will be adding to it very soon. I am having the remaining right side of my thyroid out on Dec 18...

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