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    I have been taking Tarceva for over a year. As I understand it the patient must have specific genetic markers for it to work so it is helpful to a only small percentage of lung cancer patients. I feel very fortunate. The most common side effects are diarrhea, acne-like skin rashes, dry skin, coarse/dry hair. I also have had several infected toenails. Overall my quality of life has been pretty good. Best wishes

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    Original diagnosis May 2004. Left lower lung lobe surgically removed June 2004. Annual check - reoccurrence 2012 - tumors in bronchus and trachea. Tumors excised as much as possible via bronchcoscopy/lazer. Radiation followed. Now on Tarceva for 4 months. Seeking info re: how to deal with Tarceva side effects (currently very dry skin and hair, occasional diarrhea).

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