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    Willie Ray was that last CA919 number 2500? Mine was 299. Nothing showed up last March but this time a small 1.6 cm area lit up where my GB used to be. Biopsy scheduled in 2 weeks through endoscopy. I feel absolutely fine so I'm happy about that. My Dr wants confirmation before we start more Chemo, which would be the Gemzar and Cistplatin I think. I'll keep everyone posted. It's been 2 years and 9 months since my d...

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      I was diagnosed with T2M0N0 2 years and 8 months ago had a radical cholesyectomy with no cancer spread to my liver or lymph nodes. Since then I have had all clear Pet scans or CT scans every 6 months. A year ago my CA919 blood test started slowly rising from 34 ( at the time of surgery) and was 299 last week. I had a Pet scan Feb 14 and it showed a 1.6 cm change area where my GB used to be and also that area was high...

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        Hello Colleen, I am writing to see how you are doing. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 GB cancer in June 2014. T2M0N0. I had a radical cholestectomy with some liver node removal and 7 lymph nodes removed. All were negative. I had 5 weeks of chemoradiation and so far all my CT scans are ok. My CA9-19 was a tad higher recently but my Petscan was still normal. I just read that you have written a few blogs. I would love to...

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          Thank you Maudsie for the support! I have to say that every little thing that happens to me makes me paranoid that the cancer has come back. I am by no means feeling confident that I am cured. But the more time that goes by eases my mind, like you said. I think we all feel that our bodies have betrayed us. I can't figure out for the life of me how I got GB cancer. They did not find any Gallstones in my GB but they s...

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            In April of 2014 I went to the ER with abdominal pain and after a CT scan they saw a large mass in my GB. It did not appear to have metastasized. I was diagnosed June 20, 2014 with GB Cancer after having my GB out via laparoscopy. While I was still under, they sent the GB tissue to Pathology and found cancer. I had a liver resection and 8 lymph nodes removed while I was still under anesthesia. I was diagnosed with T...

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            I was diagnosed with Gallbladder Cancer in June 2014 Stage 2 T2N0 M0. I am looking to network and communicate with others who have had treatment for GB cancer, especially survivors of This terrible cancer. I am a 61 year old female living in Southern California.

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