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    I'm so sorry to hear that, Macpudd. I hope that the next course of treatment you choose extends the time your wife and family have with you. It's a good sign that you still have an appetite though. You are clearly a fighter. 

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      Hi there,  My mom was diagnosed with a GBM in 2013 at age 68. She takes 20 mg of Adderall IR in the morning to help with her debilitating physical and mental fatigue. It's helped TREMENDOUSLY. The actual brand name or the generic made by the manufacturer Teva are the ones that work. (We found out that not all generic Adderalls are made equal.)   I imagine you've seen the link below or read info simil...

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      Mom is 5 year GBM survivor (multifocal gliosarcoma subtype). Diagnosed in Oct. 2013 at 68 years of age. She hit the 5 year survivor mark in Oct. 2018. Treatment: Partial tumor resection in Oct. 2013, followed by radiation and Temodar. She's had 2 tumor recurrences. Went back on Temodar in July of 2017 due to tumor recurrence. This stopped progression. Started Temodar again in Jan. 2019 due to recurrence. Stopped Temodar after 1 month because it didn't stop progression this time. Had first Avastin infusion 2/22/2019. Coincidentally, my father was diagnosed with a GBM in July of 1999 and he passed on Feb. 12, 2000.

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