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Mom is 5 year GBM survivor (multifocal gliosarcoma subtype). Diagnosed in Oct. 2013 at 68 years of age. She hit the 5 year survivor mark in Oct. 2018. Treatment: Partial tumor resection in Oct. 2013, followed by radiation and Temodar. She's had 2 tumor recurrences. Went back on Temodar in July of 2017 due to tumor recurrence. This stopped progression. Started Temodar again in Jan. 2019 due to recurrence. Stopped Temodar after 1 month because it didn't stop progression this time. Had first Avastin infusion 2/22/2019. Coincidentally, my father was diagnosed with a GBM in July of 1999 and he passed on Feb. 12, 2000.

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