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My son was diagnosed with stage 3 anaplastic astrocytoma in Dec '08. Following debulking, he had 6 weeks of radiation. He had a recurrance of the tumour in January 2012, and it has now been upgraded to a GBM. Following further surgery in March 2012, he had one round of Temador, which has been discontinued as he bacame ill in May. He is now using a wheelchair and has lost all power on his left side (tumour on right temporal lobe. He was given only 'a couple of weeks' in May 2012, but is keeping reasonably well now. He is an amazing young man, who never complains about his fate. I am very proud of him. Despite Niall's valliant effort, he passed away on13th October2012 . I am broken. He was so very loved. UPDATE: Its been almost 4 years now, and I still miss my brave Niall SO much...

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