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    What is the name of the doctor and therapist that helped you.also where are you located and where are they both located. Thanks. I am sufferering for 6 years and need relief.

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    8 weeks after double mastectomy .the expanders are in but nothing has been done because the discomfort is so unbearable that the thought of filling the breast is out of the question. i am now just doing nothing . the doctor is trying steroids to reduce inflamation.what i feel is a metal brace squeezing my chest and twisting it.under my arms it feels like a bar across pressing into my armpits . when i use my arms and lift them even a little i feel the movement and dicomfort in my breast .i feel metal rods around and across my both breasts pressing down on them. what to do???? i wonder if any one out there had this feeling and when the expanders were removed was it better.also did anyone have a similar feeling without expanders put in just from a double mastectomy alone without any foreign thing in the body .please please anyone out there .also did anyone find anything that helped them .please tell me about it and how to go about doing it.thank you

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