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    Thank you Rani for your response.  Yes, I too hope for cancer cures.  I lost my sister to renal cancer just over a year ago.  My husband is receiving Nivolummab (trade name Opdivo) every 2 weeks for 1 hour thru IV.  He must have 3 months of treatment before his next PET scan to tell if it is working.  He only received 1 treatment so far, & has had no apparent side effects. We're hoping fo...

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      My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 nsc adenocarcinoma lung cancer in May 2015 with Mets to the bones. A pet scan after 3 chemo treatments of cisplatin & altima showed chemo did not work and cancer has further metasized to his liver. He is now receiving immunothetapt every 2 weeks.  Takes norco & fentanyl patch for pain. He has had constant pain since may.  It's so hard to watch him in pain every ...

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