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Squamous cell in multiple places

by ottoh - February 24 at 2:33 AM

Just curious if anyone here has had squamous in multiple places all at the same time. I am getting them removed 4 at a time, but have them in multiple areas. I have somewhere between 10 and 15 of them. They have appeared quite quickly, with in the last 3 months along with a rash. Just curious if anyone else has had an occurance like this. Thanks for the help


Hi Buster. My wife had surgery for Gliobastoma twice in one year. After the second op we started giving her CBD and THC oils. This in combo with temador, seems to have worked for her. I'm a big believer in the oils and credit them for her success. I still give her half a dropper of CBD oil every morning and the same at night with one drop of THC. It's been 5 years now and she is doing great! If you can find some THC and CBD oils I think it is worth a try. The reasearch is looking very optomistic!  Good luck with this and God bless you. 

Hi Jaygirl, we use THC and CBD's . Do a little reading and see what you come up with. It seems to be working for us. Good luck and God bless

RE: Oligodendroglioma My story

by ottoh - September 02 at 6:50 PM

Hi Chloe, my wife had stage 4 glioblastoma and surgery in 2015. It came back and 6 months later had it resected. Spent about a year in Houston at MD Anderson in a clinical trial where they geniticlly modified her T-cells to fight the cancer. We had her on CBD's and THC through the trial and have kept using them ever since. She has had clean MRI's every 3 months ever since. She is doing great but has memory loss and some bone issues from the chemo and radiation. She lives a normal life except she cannot work as she has a short attension span and trouble with numbers. We are looking forward to enjoying our life together for a long time! I would do a little research on the bennifits of CBD and THC. I'm a firm believer in them. Good luck and long life! Aloha

RE: Personality Change

by ottoh - June 27 at 3:50 PM

Hi Andrea, Yes, there can be some personnality changes. First off, while removing the tumor, they had to take some of the brain matter with it. That can change the way a person thinks. Is he still on Dex or some other steroid for swelling? The radiation can also have that effect as it clouds the brain and you can't think as clear as before and that can be very frustrating. My wife has had two surgeries in the right frontal lobe. She became very docile and accually seemed happier. This was 3 years ago. She has slowly improved, but now is becoming angry when she misplaces things, can't remember what day it is and forgets alot. It's hard to readdjust to what was once normal as now thing seem to be harder to deal with. Try to be paient, and your son will come around. I know it's hard, but I'm sure he still loves his family and his family loves him. Love will over come!!! I'm still dealing with it and I feel it has actually made me into a better, more patient and loving human. Just remember, he is still with you and that's a very big pluss. Good luck and God bless. Aloha

Dear KB, long story short, my wife had 2 surgeries for GBM and the last one was at MD anderson. We gave her THC and CBD oil and took her off Dex, and other durgs that the THC and CBD oils replaced. That was in 2016. She just had her lastest MRI and is still clear. The THC will help your husband with nausea, sleep, appitite, and when combined WITH CDB oil, can help with GBM. I'm convienced it is one of the main reasons she has been doing so well. My point is, give him CBD and THC together. Google GW pharmacuticals and their clinical trials with this. They have been showing promising results. Good luck and our prayers are with you. Aloha

RE: Polio Virus Clinical

by ottoh - May 16, 2019

Hi Huxley. My wife was in the CMV clinical trial at M D Anderson a few years ago and has had clear MRI's since. You should check that one out. Good luck on you journey! 

On Mar 07, 2019 4:11 AM fighter2019 wrote:

Hi all,

first time poster. 44 yrs old female. Had craniotomay done in 2013, was 37 yrs old. 92% removed, oligo 2. wait and watch approach. Again saw progression in 2018. NO suggested to have radioation and chemo. finished radiation. MRI showed inhibitions in growth area. Started chemo tamedor on Feb19. after that started having focal and partial seizures. MRI showed white spot. as per doctor its necrosis of radiation. Radiation went well. Last weeks after radiation was tiring. Let go from work due to some previos health problems.  

    After I started on chemo, convulsions started happening. Ended up increased dosage of Keppra and new medicine vimpat. Need to checmo for 5 more months. 5 days ina month. and 23 days off. so far doing okay except heart racing and anxiety conditions. They are adding more pills. Moved from UCSF to Stanford for convenience. But prefer UCSF. I have not done any other diest changes as I followed good diet.

What other remedies have you done to kill your brain cancer cells and to be in control so that i can live for 20 more years. See kids finish schools.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Fighter, the wife had glioblastoma and was on Keppra and Dex. We weened her of both while she was going through her clinical trial with CBD and THC oils. They helped with convulstions, nausea, sleeping and appitite. I also believe they help retard the growth of cancer. She just had another MRI and she is clean once again now for the last three years. Do some reading about the oils and make your own mind up, but I'm convinced they help and will keep her on them for ever. Good luck to you, keep up the fight  and aloha. 

RE: Pain on Temodar

by ottoh - March 07, 2019

Hi Buster,

My wife had a glio tumor and has been clean for the last three years. I believe that a big part of the reason is we keep her on CBD and tHC oils. GW pharacuticals has a couple of clinical trials going on right now and they are showing much promise. Do a little research on the oils and google GW pharacuticals and read up on their trials. There are many clinical trials going on and they have better drugs and trials all the time. I would start with the oils and see if you can get into a clinical trial. Good luck and just so you know, there are a lot of people who are beating this! God bless you.

Hi Palmerclan, Spinalgliowife has it pretty much covered, but I would add talking to someone at MD Anderson and UCSF brain center as well. I'm a big believer in the THC and CBD oils. My wife had Glioblastoma in the front right lobe and the oils helped her with nausea, appitite, sleeping seizures and other things besides helping with the glio. Look at GW Pharmacuticals clinical trials with the CBD and THC with Temador. Good luck and you can beat it! There are a lot of people who do!! 

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