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My fellow cancer warriors: This is my letter to you. This my home computer. I am now a 5 year 4 month 2 weeks 1 day and 56 second head and neck survivor/warrior (but who is counting-LOL) with a neck dissection and 35 radiations and 7 weekly chemo sessions and a long tough recovery with mucositis, 7 day rash and fever that about killed me even after using twice every last round/battery of antibiotics(living on faith then) and an artery that busted after surgery that likewise almost killed me-dat was a close one.. ...and I have had painful radiation sores within the mouth and throat that took months to heal...and tons of ongoing chronic neck and shoulder pain from the neck dissection despite therapy etc(the thorn in my side St. Paul).....all in good time-I expect a full recovery whether I achieve it someday or not...it's the perseverance and attitude(ladies and dudes)and faith that counts....I am a mediator who mediates all kinds of legal disputes...I see how unresolved conflict and grudges and the need "to get even" in the name of "justice" drains people of their kindness and gratitude and that too often they fail to see that forgiveness has great power-especially in family/divorce matters...

I am here to learn and support those who have cancer, those who pray anxiously to be cancer-free within 5 years; those about to start cancer treatment, especially radiation and its side-effects along with chemo and sometimes the long battle back after cancer treatment and/or surgery or both. I am here to cheer on and advise those facing re-occurence, my worst fear, as their "Corner man".

I believe we can move mountains, as Jesus said, with the "faith of a mustard seed", but we must exercise our faith each day; that God our heavenly Father, Loves us more than we can imagine every minute of everyday-especially our worst days, nights and personal storms; that we hold ourselves back by our very own self-imposed limits and human frailties; and that with my personal champion, The Holy Spirit, also in our lives, along with Jesus and our Heavenly Father, Everything and Every Outcome is possible as Cancer Warriors-with a warrior's and fighter's heart and spirit-like the heart of David standing-up to Goliath's taunts-as we fight the Highly Overrated Pot-Banging, Big Bully with a small "c" others call "cancer"-this Big Bully who lives at the end of our neighborhood street and who "double dog dares us" to confront him or to walk on His side of the Street or to cross over his yard and grass.

I like Double cheeseburgers and fries and pep. pizza (can't enjoy the pep pizza yet(bummer), to watch and to play sports (GO OSU BUCKSSS) ,and to hit the gym hard again, love to laugh it up and tease and banter with my daughters, aunts and uncles, many nieces and nephews and cuzs, good friends and neighbors, love the outdoors with good friends, my oldest childhood friends are my dearest hidden treasures and I have more faults and annoying qualities than you can shake a stick at and it gets worse not better the older I get-darn it!LOL-true!

I am in my 40's(does that make me wiser or older or both?), and my picture I tried to upload went directly to SPAM.

I am OUDave because I went to Ohio University in Athens Ohio(I alone am not responsible for its partyyyy reputation-just some of it- graduating when big hair was still in style-lol, later went on to law school where I was forced to study 3 more years-ugh, I passed the bar exam through sheer luck and my name is Dave from America's heartland.

For some inexplicable reason, I dig Tigers, Leopards and Big Game Cats of all types....cuz you can't herd a cat-that's why they are sooo cool...and their beauty, independence, their stealth and athletic reflexes, and " serene warrior attitude" that I have never quite achieved but so admire and seek to imitate...wow. In a reversal of fortune, the eye of the Tiger-these very Warriors now stalk the The Big Bully who can never take from us what we don't willingly surrender or abandon to the Big Bully even as we draw our very last breath. The Big Bully should know that these patient and caregiving warriors always get off the canvas/mat.... because they each have the heart and soul of a true Prize Fighting Champion, a true warrior- always vigilant, yet serene, in the deep grasses ready for any test, scan,procedure, operation, treatment, pokes or prods...

And I say dude... and U da man...and got dat right way way way.... too much but I am here for anyone on this Board 24-7. If I don't understand your particular disease, I can be educated and learn so that I can support you, be your Corner Man, or at least make you smile or laugh if I am that lucky. Each of my friends enriches my life uniquely on this site for which I feel unspeakable gratitude and inner joy. Thanks friends, may the road always rise to meet you...and may the wind always be at your back.... and may God always hold you in the hallow of his hand.

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