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    I'm certainly no doctor and I would first and foremost, suggest that your mother see a good ENT to determine if the SCC is HPV related or not.  That will determine the path on how she proceeds. If it is HPV related, the likelihood of survival is between 80% and 95% depending on a number of factors.  I can only speak to the HPV related cancer because I'm now 4 year out from my HPV related base of tongue SCC ...

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      I had HPV related throat cancer back in the summer of 2015 and went through the regime of 35 daily doses of radiation along with 7 weekly chemo doses of cisplatin.  Here I am almost 4 years out and I have been having some ringing in my ears, off and on over the last few years, not really giving it much thought.  Now I have a fair amount of sudden hearing loss in one ear along with 24x7 tinnitus (ringing i...

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        I had the same problem with a Bard Peg Tube and I called the hospital and explained what happened.  In my case the rubber valve end piece connected to the main Peg tube with a plastic barbed device like you would see at the hardware store in the sprinkler system department for joining ends of vinyl tubing.  I explained to the hospital that if they could give me that end peice then I could remove the old one...

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