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    Thank You! Very helpful advice! Wishing the Best for you. I am thinking twice before jumping to get the first treatment that a Doctor recommends! I had a benign tumor removed that was diagnosed as Renal Carcinoma.  Well, I have scars and accepted the risk to find it was a compex benign tumor.  I had to have it removed to participate in a clinica trial study.  Now after reading about the side effects of...

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    Non-Hodgkins, Lymphoma
    Support, Spiritual Support, After Treatment, Cancer Treatments, Emotional Support, Radiation

    Dx Periperal T-Cell NHL Not Otherwise Specified.(Aug 26, 2011. Tried CHOP Chemotherapy, it did not place me in Remission.) I have no CURE. I am 51 years old.

    I am Founder,CEO of "Dora's Lymphoma Smile Project". Raising Lymphoma Awareness 1 Smile at a time! Searching for Peripheral T-Cell NHL Unspecified patients.

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