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Multiple Myeloma
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I was born in California but moved to Australia 40 years ago! I was diagnosed with Stage III IgG in 2003 and given 6-12 months to live with this 'terminal' cancer! I have had most of the available chemo's ( with varying degrees of success and some horrific side effects - nearly dying three times, have found that I am allergic to dexamethasone which caused my bowel to perforate TWICE, and have had some radiotherapy to the crush fractures in my spine. It has not been an easy journey but I have not only survived but have found a whole new purpose in life by starting the Cancer Support group in my city. I have been on Revlimid (10mg) for the past 4 years, and it has been magic! It has given me my life and for that I'm exceptionally grateful to Celgene. My prayer is that research will continue and that when the time comes, which I know it will, that there will be another drug which will take me even further!!

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