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    Thanks for your reply Samuelly. Yes I do have a colostomy.  I'm praying that reversal is an option and even if it's not now I will always hold out for it to become an option. My issue is pain. The irritation and pain in the rectum/anus is simply unbearable. The chemo treatment is making it worse.  I was just looking for input if anyone has this same issue.  I'm looking for any other treatment whether ...

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      I am new to this site and at this moment I don't actually have cancer...hope you keep reading though.  :-) A little over 6 years ago I started having pain anytime I had a bowel movement. At first it was a little tender and in a matter of months it was unbearable pain. I couldn't control when I had to go but I fought it as much as I could but eventually it would just come and rip open old and new fissures. Thoug...

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        I am being treated with a chemo drug called Fluorouracil, sometimes called 5FU. It was given to me as a cream that I applied to my anal/rectal area. Burned extremely bad. Was in pain for months after. I should also note that this area was and is still very sensitive to me. I recently got the pain under control and my oncologist had a dermatologist compound the drug with some lidocaine into a mineral oil. I am also us...

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