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Tongue Cancer
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I went through a primary, oral surgeon,and a ENT over a period of a year and a half, and none of these doctors seemed to think the tumor on the floor and base of my tongue was serious until it was so big that it was very painful and I could barely chew on the left side. At this point, May, 2013 the doctors couldn't get me in the office quick enough. Tumor at biopsy was a SCC T1NOMO. I decided to go to Moffitt. An appt. was set up in Tampa for the end of May. In 4 weeks time the tumor went from a T1 to a T2NOMO, the size was 2.5 cm and the depth into the tongue was 8mm. The cancer was all lateral and deep margins on the left side of tongue. Surgery was done on July 3,2013 2013.Partial glossectomy, and radical neck dissection was done. I had a NG feeding tube that had a few stitches in my nose to help hold it in place. Those stithes were so painful and annoying. I also had a drain from my neck, and an incision that went from behind the LT. ear downward to the middle of my throat. I looked like the bride of Frankinstein! I spent 5 days in the hospital and told them this is enough I would rest better, and heal better at home. They pulled that nasty NG tube and drain, and discharged me. I am
post op 3 months now and still have problems with pain and muscle tension in my neck. There was no flap attached to tongue so I am still having difficulty at times with a deposits of food near the incision site, and with swallowing at times. Its still better when I eat soft foods. But I am still here! Radiation starts Sept. 16th, here we go with round two!

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