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Iwent on the supplement cocktail with the Ketogenic Diet,it worked for me By the Grace of God I will be celebrating 8 year out this July!

I firmly believe you can starve Cancer.  No Sugar

RE: Looking for positivity

by rbernacki - October 25, 2018

I know its hard to hold on to your faith through this yet, you must - if it helps, I would remind myself many times a day that may faith was undauntedand let God do his work, by your faith you are healed jesus said.

Praying for you both!

Sounds a lot like how i felt on any anti- siezure meds.

Good luck, God be with you!

Iam seven years out from dx, the weather definetly effects my streagth, my husband makes fun of me because i always can tell when a storm is coming, typically I am right on!

Prayers for you!

RE: Looking for positivity

by rbernacki - October 18, 2018

I am a seven year survivor, and i am praying for you and your husband, my left side, mainly hand and foot have never returned to normal, Weak and uncoordinated. 

Prayer saved me.

i went on the supplement cocktail and the Keto diet while still in hospital. My surgurey 7.15.11, no reoccurance, now 80 months out.  

Sorry to hear about your father, I had my tumor removed in july 2011@ 48yrs old. Itook standard treatment, Radiation and Chemo. I have had no reoccurrence and am now 78 months out.  Idid the keto diet for the first two years as well a strict supplement protocal, and constant prayer and faith in my healing.  Other than a persistence weakness on my left side, I am completely fine. Please have faith,and you can starve this thing!

God Bless you all!

RE: Scared

by rbernacki - December 07, 2017

YOu need to get a CT Scann, before my tumor was dagnoised I just keep taiking cold medicine.  Same thing was going on with a good friend, she got diagnoises with a tumor way ahead of me symptom wise and did much better after surgurey.


Congratulations!  Great News for us all!

May the peace of the lord be with you, he rests with us when we are grieving.  The blessings she gave you I pray fills your hearts!

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