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I don't have hpv but I am currently in treatment for recurrent vulvar cancer.  Mine stems from Lichen Sclerosus which causes burning and itching.  Most often corticosteriod ointments are precribed to reduce the itch of LS.  Sitz baths help a little especially if it keeps you awake at night.  But, your doctor should not be ignoring this - itching is the main symtom of vulvar cancer!  Since it's been a year since your surgery, I would also ask for a Pet Scan to be done. 

RE: Vulva cancer

by rmarci - July 20, 2017

I'm sorry you are having to go through this.  I have recurrent vulvar cancer.  3 surgeries and radiation, looking at chemo next.  This facebook group has been so comforting and helpful.  It's a closed female only group, so you can get as personal and detailed as you need with any questions. 

Group name is: 

Cervical Ovarian Vulvar All Gynecological Cancers

RE: Vulvar cancer stage 4

by rmarci - October 28, 2015

On Oct 28, 2015 6:22 PM yvette329 wrote:

Hi I just found out that I have stage 4 vulvar cancer ? Next week going to my to all types of app. But I'm so numb any feedback or advice will be very helpful. What to expect? 

I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I am on the other side after advanced vulvar cancer in 2012.  Stay strong but also give in a bit.  You will not be able to carry on the super women life you currently lead for a while, BUT that is ok!  Cancer can mess with your mind as much as your body.  Talk to people about your fears and hopes.  It may not get the coverage that other cancers do, but we are out there and we are recovered healthy and strong!  You are in the right place for the best support group!!  Best Wishes

I was dianosed with stage 3 vulvar cancer in 2012.  Yesterday my dermatologist removed a "little" cancer from my shoulder.  Should I be concerned they could be related? 

Hi Katherine,

I'm sorry to hear about your dianosis.  I'm curious, how did you find out about your reoccurance?  Did you have pain or other symptoms or were the tumors found during a follow up with your Dr?  How long has it been since your original dianosis?  I had stage 3 vulvar cancer 2 years ago and have pain in my right groin which they say is due to scar tissue, but I worry it could be more.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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