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    I have recently been diagnosed with ET with a count just north of 900. Started the Hydrea 2 weeks ago at 500mg, only a small reduction in my count so doubling to 1000mg from now. I am 62 years old and have always been active, being an ardent mountain biker and happier being in some kind of shape! My question is whether I might expect to see an inability to continue as I used to with the biking especially. My onco sai...

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      62 years old here, just been diagnosed with ET and a count of close to a million. Now on Hydrea but a relatively low dose, one cap a day, and off to labs this morning to see if that is working. Staying active is difficult as my passion is mountain biking, and the doc says that riding alone in the desert ain't too clever. Hard to find people to ride with in my neck of the woods! And they are usually not too happy when...

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