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    My adult son has his reversal surgery next week. He will be on a liquid diet until his bowels move and then soft diet for who knows how long. Does anyone know o have experience with juicing vegetables, etc., while on this recovery ride? Also wondering about the colon irrigation some have used to stay away from the toilet 20 times a day.

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      Not to seem too stupid, what does DNA have to do with it? I drank radioactive iodine 13 years ago because my Tsh was basically non- existent and after 2 years of tapazole with no change in tsh. Last summer Endo felt nodules, ultrasound confirmed with intermediate suspicion. Because of having the rai, dr said I was an “unusual” case. Thus the FNAs. If it matters, my 40 year old son is battling rectal cancer, and g...

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        I’m female if that’s what you’re asking. Interesting levo intake relating to weight. That’s the dosage I’m on now, but over the past several years, I’ve bounced between 75 mcg and 125 mcg. We live in Nevada which is well known for lack of competent medical care and I can certainly try for Mayo. I’ve read that some have been disappointed in the endocrinology dept there although it’s hard to imagine. I’ve also rea...

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          I had rai for a toxic adenoma 12 years ago. I have been faithful in taking levothyroxine 88mcg daily along with blood tests and endocrinology appts annually. Last summer Dr ordered an ultrasound which showed 1 nodule each lobe appt 1cm each with intermediate suspicion. Ordered FNA which came back undiagnosable. 2 months later another FNA, different Dr, same result. Then a 3rd FNA same result. Follow up ultrasou...

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