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Hi Kathy,

So glad to hear your husband is doing so well a year is a big stepping, when you get a break you apppreciate it so much, if I get good news from my scan I will get a break, so heres hoping for good you for us both.  Sheann

Hi Rich,

Congratulations on reaching two years and wishing you and your wife Rose a verry happy anniversary. what chemo have you been on and have you had many side effects.

Blessings Sheann

Thanks Bryan, I wish you all the very best fighting this horrible desease, stay strong - Sheann

Diagnosed with cancer of pancreas with mets to the liver and nodes given 3-6 months celebrating two years.  Feeling good CT scan tomorrow, been on folfirinox from the start with a six month break last summer, hoping for another break if scan shows good news.


Last June I had a six month break with scans every thee months-what a fantastic time that was scan in January showed  that the liver mets had slightly grown so it was back to folfirinox and if my CT scan is good in September I will take another break, it will be 2 years September since diagnosed.

Blessings Sheann

Hi Karen, congratulation on beating the statistics my prayers are with you for good results on your CT scan, you sound as if you are doing very well with plenty of energy, it is great to hear and gives me so much hope, I am doing ok had chemo yesterday, lots of energy today which I hope lasts for nine days at least as my husband and I with some friends will be on our way to Burmuda tomorrow then  back home to the Toronto area for my next chemo. 28 months and you are doing great I am just hitting 18 months, I do a twenty minute work out almost every day and like you walk a lot weather permiting, I do have the numbness in my fingers and feet which I have had for about 14 months I do take Gabapentin which I do think has helped but I have to use a pencil with an eraser to use when typing.

My thoughts and blessings are with you, Sheann

I didn't go through with the nanoknife, I took a break from folfirinox last summer, January there was a slight increase in the mets in the liver so I am back on folfirinox with the hope it will work again. Sorry but I can't help you I had no comunication with Dr. Martin and I have no idea if OHIP would help in any way, I wish I could be more helpfull, but I truly hope that it works out for your husband and I would appreciate any information you can pass on to me.

Good luck to you both I admire what you are doing you will be in my thoughts and prayers which ever path you take to fight this desease. Sheila

Hi Karen, I just had to message you because so many symptoms from the folfirinox that you had I also had, the day of chemo is a right off for me - the walking and talking, sensitivity to coldness the neuropathy in my hands and feet have stayed with me since beginning treatment, even when I had a six month break. I was diagnosed September 2011 so it has been 18 months not bad considering I was given six months, I would be interested to hear how long you have been on folfirinox. I hope you continue to do well and that the side effects will lessen, especially the nausea and diarrea.

Take care Blessings Sheann

I have had the same symptoms of slurred speach during chemo if I remember right it happened during the first few treatment after that it got less, hope your Dad is tolerating the folfirinox with out to many side effects.

Take care good luck and blessings, Sheann

Hope every thing goes well for Annie tomorrow, it sounds much less complicated than an ERCP.

My thoughts and blessings are with you both   Sheann

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