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In April 2004 I was treated for what my doctor thought was pneumonia. After a month on antibiotics my condition worsened and I was taken to hospital by ambulance gravely ill. Xrays and scans showed a huge tumour(approx 10cmx10cm) in my chest cavity had caused an infection in the right lung and the collapse of the center lobe of that lung. The whole lung was entrapped and surgery was needed to clear away the infection and un entrap the lung. At the time of surgery an enlarged lymph node was noted on my heart (hanging from a strand of fat) and needle biopsied. This is where the Marginal zone B cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis came from. The large tumour was inoperable and later scans showed smaller tumours in both lungs inoperable as well. I also had several enlarged lymph nodes in my groin. The oncologist I was referred to told me I would need CVP/CHOP in order to "perhaps" save myself but previous experiences with family members and friends had already convinced me that chemo and radiation were treatments I could not feel confident taking and so I began on an alternative path. My son's accountant/friend has survived cancer twice in his life using alternative medicine. Once when he was thirteen and had a brain tumor. After surgery his doctors told his parents that the cancer was deeply imbedded in the brain and there was no hope to save their boy. They were of Mennonite background and believed strongly in natural healing and so they took Dale to a naturopath, followed his directions as to diet, supplements etc. and Dale lived cancer free for another 25 years before cancer struck again. This time it developed in his stomach. The oncologist he was referred to told him he would be dead within three months if he did not have chemotherapy but he again turned to natural healing and it is now more than nine years later and he remains cancer free. He has devoted his life to counseling the newly diagnosed and grows organically and personally harvests the four herbs needed to make Essiac tea. He then brews the tea, bottles it and gives it away free of charge to anyone within driving distance of picking it up. When he learned of my diagnosis he immediately offered the tea and counseled me about options for treatment and directed me to the most reputable clinics that offered the treatments and services I would need. I began working with a naturopath and then added in a medical doctor/ geneticist who also strongly believes in and practices alternative medicine specializing in cancers. It was at this medical doctor's clinic that I began taking Intravenous Vitamin C treatments and following a protocol consisting of special diet and immune boosting supplements.

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