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Here is a very recent documentary on the value of cannabis in treating cancers etc.  


I personally have not used the oil but do use vaporized product.  My latest tests show still NED. (Diagnosed nine years ago this coming May) At this point I am using it as a preventative measure and also to attempt to deal with the biofilms in my right lung which are immune to antibiotics and have caused serious lung infections several times a year for the past few years.   So far so good.  

Hope this is helpful.

VeraRadovic.....  How is your father doing now?  If you send me a private message I'll gladly be of help in any way I can.

I was prescribed the synthetic Synthroid when first diagnosed with low thyroid function but had problems with it.  The doctor who treats my cancer with alternative protocols recommended I switch to the natural form of levothyroxine which has to be compounded by a pharmacist.  I have been using it for almost eight years now and have never experienced any negative issues.  Here's a very informative link which I hope will be helpful in explaining the benefits of using natural as opposed to synthetic.


Hi Macdon from another Coast to Coast fan.  That program gets so interesting at times it keeps me awake some nights.
For anyone who doubts Big Pharma and Big Medicine have funded shills whose main purpose is to discredit and bring costly, fraudulent lawsuits against alternative medicine practitioners and others in an attempt to bankrupt them and put them out of business here's one example..... read on: 
ReStephen Barrett
"Amidst the morass of fallacious attacks by mainstream medicine on honest alternative approaches to health, now and then there's a glitter of good news. It's a breath of fresh air to announce that the self-styled Quackbusters, headed by a self-styled psychiatrist who failed his exam and was never accepted into the profession, has fallen to one of its targeted victims."

Evil personified IMHO.

I agree with you Joan.. We all need to be cynical and on guard  because there are many unscrupulous people out there who will take advantage of other people's vulnerabilities.  

I first began researching alternative protocols when my sister was diagnosed in 1999 and died as a result of the standard of care treatment for non Hodgkin's lymphoma.  Thank goodness by the time I was diagnosed myself five years later I had the advantage of having a reputable Naturopath and Medical/Integrative Doctor to advise me about what was effective for NHL and what was not..   My latest bout of research has been on the effectiveness of cannabinoids for treating cancer and I am in awe of what I have learned.

My Doctor here in Canada is able to write prescriptions for medical marijuana and then our Federal Government supplies it,  for a fee of course.   $150.00 for 30 grams.

Lots of good information if one does a Google search on PubMed using the words Cannabinoids/Cancer.   Here's just one link from my file which I hope you'll find interesting,


Best regards


p.s. We owe a lot to the person who started this Salvestrol thread.  Such valuable information here.  I have learned a lot from the many posts and thank everyone for their efforts at sharing.

Hi all
I personally know nothing about Dr. Coldwell but I have to say I was quite impressed with his website.  Many of the links to follow there are ones I also receive from reputable trustworthy alternative sites.
A search for Dr. Coldwell's bio tells me he is Naturopathic doctor and I know from past experience on the cc board that will cause many members to hold him suspect.  
As for The Salty Droid site......  so many negative comments and really hateful innuendos makes one wonder if there might be some connection with other shills who are actually working for Big Pharma such as Orac who publishes under "Respectful Insolence." and of course the   Quackbuster's.    
Their main purpose is to debunk any treatment other than the standard of care.
No reliable information to back up the negatives on these sites.   Just opinions.   We need to be careful I think before we tar someone with another person's brush.   I could be wrong of course but I shall keep an open mind.
Dr Leonard Caldwell bio 
Naturopathic doctors
Best regards

Hi Kimberly

Dr. Burt Berkson's  Integrative Medical Center  in Las Cruces New Mexico has had excellent results when treating terminal pancreatic cancer patients with the low dose naltrexone/ alpha lipoic acid protocol.
Here are several links to information regarding this gentle treatment


Please pass along my good wishes to your mother. I pray she finds effective treatment.

Don't understand why the above lung cancer link is not valid since I copied and pasted it from the PubMed site.

Here is one re breast cancer which I hope will open


Hi Zoe01

Thanks so much for this url.  I have been researching this for some time now.  My doctor recommends it for many of his cancer patients and here in Canada we are fortunate to have medical marijuana supplied by our Government for $5.00 per gram when one has a prescription for it.  My doctor recommends inhaling the herb from a vaporizer rather than using it in cigarette form.

There are some valuable links at the end of the message on the link you provided and if one does a search on PubMed for their particular type ofcancer and cannabinoidsthey should find some very helpful information there as well.

Here is an example re lung cancer


And another re the digestive system


Please pass along my good wishes to your father.  He is lucky to have you advocating for him.

How right you are when you say follow the $$$$$.  

Thankfully though changes are slowly taking place and more and more professionals are becoming courageous enough to step outside the box and take a chance on being forthcoming with the truth.   Here in Canada the government has made marijuana legal for patients who get a prescription for "medical marijuana" from their doctors and then they supply either the product or one has a choice of purchasing the seed to grow their own.

Here's a link to some very valuable information about it's efficacy in treating a variety of cancers and other dis eases.


Sorry the link I sent you privately did not open for you Dick.  Hopefully this one will.


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In April 2004 I was treated for what my doctor thought was pneumonia. After a month on antibiotics my condition worsened and I was taken to hospital by ambulance gravely ill. Xrays and scans showed a huge tumour(approx 10cmx10cm) in my chest cavity had caused an infection in the right lung and the collapse of the center lobe of that lung. The whole lung was entrapped and surgery was needed to clear away the infection and un entrap the lung. At the time of surgery an enlarged lymph node was noted on my heart (hanging from a strand of fat) and needle biopsied. This is where the Marginal zone B cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis came from. The large tumour was inoperable and later scans showed smaller tumours in both lungs inoperable as well. I also had several enlarged lymph nodes in my groin. The oncologist I was referred to told me I would need CVP/CHOP in order to "perhaps" save myself but previous experiences with family members and friends had already convinced me that chemo and radiation were treatments I could not feel confident taking and so I began on an alternative path. My son's accountant/friend has survived cancer twice in his life using alternative medicine. Once when he was thirteen and had a brain tumor. After surgery his doctors told his parents that the cancer was deeply imbedded in the brain and there was no hope to save their boy. They were of Mennonite background and believed strongly in natural healing and so they took Dale to a naturopath, followed his directions as to diet, supplements etc. and Dale lived cancer free for another 25 years before cancer struck again. This time it developed in his stomach. The oncologist he was referred to told him he would be dead within three months if he did not have chemotherapy but he again turned to natural healing and it is now more than nine years later and he remains cancer free. He has devoted his life to counseling the newly diagnosed and grows organically and personally harvests the four herbs needed to make Essiac tea. He then brews the tea, bottles it and gives it away free of charge to anyone within driving distance of picking it up. When he learned of my diagnosis he immediately offered the tea and counseled me about options for treatment and directed me to the most reputable clinics that offered the treatments and services I would need. I began working with a naturopath and then added in a medical doctor/ geneticist who also strongly believes in and practices alternative medicine specializing in cancers. It was at this medical doctor's clinic that I began taking Intravenous Vitamin C treatments and following a protocol consisting of special diet and immune boosting supplements.

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