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    Hi Steve, Mate you should not be worring until you get the biopsy result, not sure how long your PSA was 3.5 so it may not mean to much & 7mm area could be something else. Your previous specialist might be right. If they give you a Gleason Score then you will know & also know how mild or serious it is and what action option will be. Take it easy for the next few days. There are plenty of us out there to tal...

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      Hi Radtech, Moving a bit quick for me if urologists has not given you full results of the biopsy, like number of needles & how many are effected plus a Gleason Score & how aggressive he thinks it is. Urologists always want to operate. So after bone scan I would be getting a second opinion before doing anything & see if you can find your local Protate Cancer Support Group to listen to other sufferers&nbs...

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        Charlie in Australia here, thought this might be a good opportunity for members I have been exchanging with to catch up on where my journey has taken me as it is about Hormone Therapy & PSA dropping . There is no doubt the more you read on CC the more you realise that one size does not fit all & we are all affected & react very differently. In brief October 2014, at 68 years old.  Diagnosed when PS...

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          Hi Ray,  Mate, terribly sorry I have not replied earlier & sorry to hear about your no doubt heart breaking experiences. I hope your not into too much of that Bundy Rum up there. I'm in Bowral, NSW Southern Highlands, brrrr cold & windy this time of the year. Was 5C Sunday with wind chill factor said -7.7C. What state where you in before? Things have not gone to well since I last replied to you, medica...

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            Hi All, I have not been on line for a little while, whilst things where running along nice and smooth apart from the hot flashes for 10 months on a 3 monthly Lucrin injection & 50mg Bicalutamide tablet daily.  My PSA has started to double over just 8 weeks. That treatment had brought it down from 720 to 0.53. Then when up to 1.64 then 2.97, 3.82, 9.61 and now 17.8 ug/L   This change my 1 daily ta...

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              Hi Worried, Further to my previous reply, After having 3 x 3 monthly Lucrin injections, 9 months of a daily Bicalutamide tablet & 9 monthly Denosumab injections on 24th  May I had full blood count & blood chemistry & platelet reading was all excellent & all my body organs are functioning normal so there has been no adverse side effect for me from 9 months on Denosumab. While one size does not ...

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                Hi John, Now almost 73, I have been dealing with my PC since October 2014, PSA 12+ Gleason 8, aggressive, Urologist said I need op within 3 months or it would spread. My second Biopsy was MRI /ultrasound, the TRUSS missed it in February, I was sent for, CT & Bone scans to make sure it was contained in the prostate before they would operate. with my wife's support I chose quality of life. I went on to various alt...

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                  Hi Worried, You may be worried about something that is not having the effect you think. We all have different reactions to various drugs & I agree with Gene your Oncologist would be watching very carefully for any adverse reactions. Denosumab has a number uses & it is given to patients with cancer matastises to bones to help reduce risk of fractures. In brief,  after self searched alnalternate treartm...

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                    Hi Sandra, With out going it to my experiences, Not everybody is the same, so one size does not fit all. So for now I would totally ignor Jims comments & experiences & wait until your dad meets with the doctors. Gene is right 0.018 is not a concern for return of PC. Whilst I am on Hormone Therapy, other medication & supplements.  My PSA was 720. After start of treatment it dropped to 0.053 after ...

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                      Hi Ray, Charlie in Australia here, glad to see you contributing again & sounds like you are going well, I was a bit worried about you. Obviously the Apricot Kernels, pineapple/papaya,  various supplements & concoctions are still working for you. I have been off air for a while after lightning struck my house & then we finally got away for a holiday. I will be posting an up date soon. It was you who ...

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                      Diagnosed with PC in 2014 at 68. PSA was 12.6 at this time, has fluctuated since between 20 & 31
                      Gleason was 8
                      Not interested in operation, using number of alternate programs with diet & supplements
                      Live in Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.

                      Nearly 3 years on alternate treatments, herbs, supplements & diet. regular MRIs, CT & Bone Scans with 12 weekly Blood tests. PSA fluctuated 30-70 ug/L, then started to rise. 5 August 2017 PSA was 420 when CT & Bone Scans showed that while tumour in prostate was no longer detectable it had metastasis, to spine, hip, rib,sternum & on lungs. This explained the previous 11 weeks of excruciating pain in left shoulder, arm & elbow, at time being treated as torn rota cuff. By the time Oncologist took blood test PSA was 708, put me on 50 mg Bicaluteamide tablets & Hormone injection (Lucrin). 5 days later pain was completely gone. 3 weeks later PSA has dropped from 708 to 37 HT working well for me at present & have for now avoided radiation & Chemo. Off alternates except, PH in alkaline, still on supplements etc, may consider going back on an alternate when things settle down.

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