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    Thank you so much for your reply. Her appendix was infected and because of that in this 3 and a half month period mucocele, lymph nodes around the appendix had swollen. When we went for surgery, we found out that the appendix had already ruptured and had to do a colon resection as well. The pathology reports came out negative at the day of the surgery and today was her follow up for the full pathology report which ca...

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      We are going for laproscopy next week. Another specialist strongly believes this might be the infection of Appendix. He is going to send the appendix to pathology after surgery to verify.  Appendix was swollen 8mm (normal is 6mm) that night of the accident. Now it has been 14 mm. How can this be a slow growing cancer if it has grown substantially in this 2 and a half months. If it is cancer shouldn't this be ag...

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        hi all, My girlfriend was in an accident and the doctors found later that her appendix was swollen.  She was asked to come back in 3 weeks to test again and the doctor found out that the appendix was not any better and suspected tumor.  Doctor asked for an octreotide test after another 3 weeks which came out to be negative and said she was ok and tumor free but the appendix was still swollen  3 wee...

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