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RE: Scaring on my brain.

by stevew7000 - April 08 at 4:14 PM

I don't know, but I wonder if the chemo would have been more gentle on you.

Then Stephen should elaborate on the part where he says " And then it happened. ".

Mental state

by stevew7000 - March 13 at 3:57 PM

How do you help someone who has been told she has a year  to a year-and-a-half to live with glioblastoma and seems very troubled, quick to anger, fatigued from cancer therapy and other preexisting health problems, and whose only outlook is to be "dead by the end of the year"? Is there some medication, therapy or groups that can help? How do you convince them to go there if they are forcefully against it, and only want to stay home and in bed?

RE: Pain on Temodar

by stevew7000 - March 01 at 4:35 PM

Just for anyone's information, there is a warning on the Tylenol maximum daily dose:


hi Nelsonel. Great to see that your mother even at her age has reached 5 year survival, though unfortunate about her recent recurrence. I was wondering if there is -- since you have a family history of brain cancer from both sides -- a protocol to have your brain scanned routinely to catch any abnormal disease early on?

RE: Caregivers

by stevew7000 - January 26, 2019

That's a tough story. I took care of a family member with Alzheimer's , but not with as much drama.  Sorry no one wrote to you sooner.

RE: I need support

by stevew7000 - January 20, 2019

i hope everything is going well for you and your husband.


by stevew7000 - January 17, 2019

Is there an update on "Garland" who posted here between 2005-2007?

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