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     I too have been limping and suffering severe back and hip pain.About a month before finding my breast lump I suffered a fall and fractured my hip. They put 3 pins in and then 2 months later I had the lumpectomy on my breast and radiation. That was in July of 2008. I didn't get chemo but the radiation burned my eyes, had to have cataract surgery on both eyes and burned my lungs so I couldn't breath and ende...

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      Following step 1 breast cancer, a lumpectomy and radiation, I have been taking the femara for only 2 years and the debilitating effects are terrible.  Arthritis in my hands is painful enough to bring tears and in the mornings my hands don't even work until I stretch them and work them.  After about an hour I can walk right and use my hands.  I'm thinking of telling my doc to change my medication but sh...

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      I will be 64 yers old in a week - 2 years ago I found a breast lump and it was cancer. Surgery to remove it and then radiation by tube in the breaqst for 5 days two times a day for radiation. One day after removing the tube from my breast I couln't breat and was in the hospital - the radiation had burned my lungs. Treatment for a month. Following that the radiation burned my eyes and eyesight was getting terrible so I needed cataract surgery on both eyes, My teeth were breakding and I had to see the dentist for repairs. They said the radiation dried out my teeth. I was then put on Femara and have since physically gone downhill terribly with the way I feel. I'm supposed to be on it for 3 more years but I don't think I can. I'll not be able to work because of the artritis in my hands and stiffness in my body which would mean I couldn't pay my bills and keep my house. At that point I would be in a nursing home at age 65. I have to get off Femara - It's deteriorating me and killing me. That's my problem now along with the costs of tests and prescriptions.

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