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    Brian, My 58 yo mother was dx with GBM IV 1/13. 95%+ resection of tumor in right parietal. During the gold standard treatment (temador and radiation), my mom temporarily lost her ability to walk one day. MRI showed a completely new tumor growth, but orignal resection cavity looked clean. It was unclear whether the growth was an actual tumor, or necrosis from radiation. Docs put her on Avastin, which shrunk this growt...

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      Thank you so much for your response! I am happy to hear that your husband is doing well, and I hope he kicks this beast for good! Your news is very encouraging, and I hope my mom has as good fortune as your husband through this treatment. Please stay in touch. -Brian

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        This is my first post on CancerCompass, but I have been following you all since my mom's dx on 1/9/13. What an incredible forum, for an amazing group of individuals who have been affected a such a terrible type of aggresive cancer... too bad we all have to be here under such unfortunate circumstances whether you are a patient, or a caregiver to a loved one. I find comfort in knowing that I am not alone in this fight....

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          Caregiver to wonderful 58 year old mother in great health (prior to GBM IV dx).

          dx 1/9/13 Stage IV Glioblastoma after near total resection of tumor located in right parietal lobe.

          1/21/13 - Began Temador w/ clinical trial and radiation

          3/6/13 - Mom began to have trouble walking and having trouble with motor skills.

          3/9/13 - MRI was performed early due to weakness and inability to walk. Tumor recurrence in different approx 1.5 inches from original location of resection, about half the size of original.

          3/10/13- began Avastin treatment in addition to temador and radiation (re targeted radiation to new tumor location).

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