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      Just for the record, I have not endured chemo or radiation treatment, doesn't seem to help for my cancer in many cases.  The only treatment path I have taken is surgery (x3).  I am in pain almost every day of my life.  I have pain in my rib cage area and in my abdomen mostly.  It causes me a great deal of stress thinking that my cancer has recurred.  I am sorry for anyone else that has to dea...

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      Patient, Survivor
      Ovarian Cancer

      I was diagnosed with granulosa cell tumors in 2004. I had a total hysterectomy at that time. I had my first recurrence in August 2009 and had tumors debulked. A 2nd debulking surgery was performed July 19, 2010. Currently, I am in my 3rd recurrence with liver metastasis and other areas that are suspect near the left kidney and spleen. Surgery is not an option at this time. Fast forward to March 2013: I found another doctor who said surgery was not only an option, but it would give me more enjoyment out of life. I had the surgery November 2012, it was the most difficult surgery I have ever had to recover from, but I survived and I am feeling so much better. Don't ever give up! That's my mantra. I am enjoying every day, some with pain, most without. I am thankful for every day.

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