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Head and Neck Cancer
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My husband was diagnosed with liposarcoma in the leg in 2005. The tumor was resected with clear margins. In Sept 2007 a tumor was discovered in his neck which the doctor resected however there was debris left behind. He underwent radiotherapy however In March 2010 eight tumors reappeared in the neck area. Without surgery he was estimated to have between 4 and 6 months. Surgery was offered however the surgeon didnt want to operate until he had to, he was worried about closing him post-op and elected to hold off until threat of tumors made surgery unavoidable. My husband decided to go to the Gerson Institute in Mexico. Despite adhering to the routine religously, his tumors increased by 55% and a new tumor appeared. He went for surgery in June 2010. We have just learned that he has 2 new tumors in the neck area. Again the surgeon wants to wait, leaving surgery to the last, just in case there are any further tumors developing. We have been told surgery will not cure him, we are likely to see the cancer reappear and surgery may not be possible the next time. We have 3 young children and are desperate for any help. My husband has now decided to go to Hippocrates clinic in Florida. It operates a similar programme to Gersons, however there are obvious differences: Gersons regime included 10 x carrot juices daily, Hippocrates avoid carrots because of sugar content. Gersons permit fruit, again Hippocrates do not Gersons advocate coffee enimas every 4 hours, Hippocrates recommend 1 distilled water enima per week Foods permitted vary considerablly, Gersons do not allow nuts, seeds, spinach, cucumber, avacado, sprouting, wheatgrass but Hippocrates do. Both clinics incorporate lots of supplements which include enzymes, CoQ10, etc. Has anybody tried anything else.

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