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I wanted to check in and give another update.  It's now been three years since my treatment with Kurt.  I am still cancer free.  Since then, I've talked with many other cancer survivors who were treated by him;  all positive.  I hope to check in each and every year!   T.

I got my scan results back today from my scan on Wednesday.  It still shows no evidence of cancer, which now gives me almost 13 months of being cancer free.  My oncologist is stunned as he thought that my cancer would return as I've turned down all conventional treatments this past year after my treatment with Mr. Peterson.  I had a good feeling going into the scan that it would be good news.  I now consider myself to be a "survivor".  I want to thank Kurt and his staff again at Cancertouch.com for all of the great work and follow-up that they've provided.  I cannot recommend them enough to anyone with any type of cancer. 

On Jun 14, 2011 4:03 AM aleyderm wrote:

Taylor and kala2010 I would like to hear your latest updates. When was the first indication after the treatment that you cancer is retreating. Have yo udone any blood tests before PET,CT scans.



Hey Anna,

My next scan won't be until the first week of July.  I feel that I will still have a clean scan, but am also prepared for any disappointments.  I will post the results, good or bad.

I actually felt worse after the treatment for a few weeks.  Then, I slowly started feeling better and better.  Today I've been cancer free for  many months, and plan on staying that way.  I do a number of blood tests, but my doctor feels that a scan is the only accurate way to guage the cancer. 


Hi Kala, Mark, Frosty, and all the rest!

 Kala, don't let the fact that you've had the cancer  spread into a new area get you down.  Keep in mind that you've cleared in some major organs, and that your body will keep getting better.  As Kurt wold say, focus on how you're feeling, not on numbers.

I had my 6 month scan two weeks ago, and everything is still 100% clear.  In another 6 months I'll do another scan, and then I think I'll take a full year break from all scans and doctor visits.

Kala, I saw Kurt and you saw Kris, so I can't speak for Kris, but I'm sure he went over everything about staying positive and focused.  I know that this frame of mind really helped me in my healing process.  If you want to talk, send me a private message and I'll call you.  I've been in touch with about 7 other clients of  Kurt's and Kris's on this site by phone, and we're forming our own group.  Please contact me if you'd like to join.  We basically just support one another and share our stories of remission (four of us now), and provide support to new members that have just had appointments, or are thinking about it. 


On Jan 27, 2011 5:33 AM markandkim wrote:

Hi Taylor.  Reading your story has given me a lot of hope.  I am thinking about doing what you've done but would like to get some more information from you.  Are you open to talking with me on the phone?  I can give you my number by email and you can call me if you like.  Our cancers are different, but I'd like to ask you some specific questions about your session with Mr. Peterson.  I am very religious/spiritual and have some concerns about how Mr. Peterson works,, and how he gets his impressive results.   I'll wait to hear back from you.  Thanks...Mark.


I've sent you a private message.  Please reply back and we can talk on the phone.  Thanks, T.

I wish you the best!  It sounds like you've got a healthy attitude and enjoy your life there on your boat.  I've always wanted to go sailing, but would probably need to be down there in Florida.  I've always envied the great winters that you get.

I agree that you really have to wade through all of the bs alternative treatments that seem to be hocked everywhere you turn.  Definitely "buyer beware" and do your research thoroughly.  I think some, like energy healing with my healer works, but not for everyone.  Cancer really sucks and there isn't any one thing that does the trick.

I'm gonna send you my prayers sailor.  I'd really like to see you sailing the world for another twenty!


qsailor, it sounds like you've been through a lot.  We will just have to agree to disagree.  I have absolutely no belief that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are in any type of conspiracy to withhold cures or treatments.  I think that they do the best that they can, with the knowledge that they have.  It just didn't work for me!  Obvsiously if you were able to walk out of hospice with prayers supporting you, then there is something unexplainable or intangible at work that we don't understand.  I cannot speak for Mr. Kraft;  I was treated by Mr. Peterson.  I feel that his treatment put me in remission.  I have zero doubt about it.  If Kris Kraft's name was "Bill Douglas", would it really matter?   I spent twenty minutes reading though the website again this morning..(cancertouch.com) and I saw nothing about Mr. Peterson being anti-doctor or anti-conventional treatments.  In fact, he seems to be a proponent of conventional medical treatments with his service being secondary.  My personal opinion is that your arguements against energy healing are hollow.  However, you are entitled to these opinions, and entitled to express them.


Wow qsailor!  You sound very angry.  If your onc doesn't cure you of pancreatic cancer, are you going to demand your money back?  Makes me wonder.

I spent nearly $82,000 out of pocket before I had my treatment by Kurt Peterson.  With him I spent $7,500 plus another $1,000 for airfare and hotel.  That's about 10% of what I paid for conventional treatments....that didn't work!

By the way, my insurance paid out another $192,000 in addition to my out of pocket...(no I don't have very good insurance, I know).

Whenever I read people like yourself lashing out at everyone around you, it really is disturbing.  This message board is about hope and a friendly exchange of information.  I'm very sorry about your health condition, but anger and frustration does nothing but make you sicker.  I wish you the best in your search for help.



Hi Frosty,

Sorry so late in responding to you.  You are probably in Miami right now doing your treatment session.  I hope it goes very well.  I've just gotten back from Mexico.  My wife and I went down for a ten day trip to Cancun.  It was absolutely beautiful down there and very inexpensive.  I'm still in a complete remission and feel great.  My onc is actually referring some of his other patients to Kurt.  I didn't get a chance to meet Mr. Kraft;  don't believe he was working with Kurt yet when I had my appointment.  If you could, please post back about your appointment as I'm curious as to how being treated by two energy healers at once feels.  I spoke to Kurt about a month and a half ago, and he didn't mention anything about Kris working there.  I've got my fingers crossed for you!  I know that lung cancer is his speciality, which is one of the reasons that I went and saw him.  Stay in touch.



FINALLY!  I have great news!  I had a ct done on Friday and got the report over the phone today.  My scan came back clean.  No sign of tumors in my lungs or liver!  I almost feel high, I am so adrenalin rushed.  From the time I learned my diagnosis from my onc too today, I knew that I would be able to beat this horrible disease.  My Onc is almost shocked, which I found amusing.  He said to not count my chickens yet until I can do a followup scan in three months;  what is he kidding?

My wife and I are booking a summer trip to go up to Lake Michigan and go camping to celebrate.  I want to thank Kurt for everything he did for me.  I also want to thank the members of the community who rooted me along.  Most of all I want to thank my wife and family for helping me through this.  A special thanks to my wife's brother Ron, for his assistance when I really needed it.

I am going to get back to living, and will never take anything for granted again!

"T"......God Bless All! 

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My name is Taylor, and I am a man in my fourties. I was diagnosed with lung cancer back at the end of 2008. Nothing seems to work for me, and I'm now trying some alternative therapies. I'm married with two children at home. I work in the food services industry as a manager, and am currently home on disability. Having cancer has really made me step back and look at my life from a different angle. I no longer sweat the small stuff, and focus now on people that I love and helping others when I can. I really wish that I'd had this perspective my entire life, but I guess it takes something tragic or big in ones' life to change. I hope to be a cancer survivor one day, and counsel others to stay strong. UPDATE>>>>>I am now in remission, thanks to some alternative energy healing. I'm counting the days to the one year point at which I'll get another scan done, then I think I'm clear and out of the woods.

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