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    I managed to lower my PSA recently.  (I have had prostate cancer since 2008, with radiation therapy at that time, and stage 4 since late 2011, followed by three hormone therapy sessions in 2012, 2014, and 2016. I'm 73 now.) My PSA has gradually increased from my last hormone therapy session in June of 2016, when it was at 0, to where it is now at 23.2.  The last reading was about two months ago at 23.3.&nbs...

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      Of course if the cancerous cells are removed with surgical removal of  the prostate, then it is  probably "cured", unless there is contamination of the blood during the surgery. I have seen tumors "go away" but cannot say that they will never come back.   If you look at my image (click on name tomatoman),you will  see the many tumors that I have experienced, including on my tailbone, on my back m...

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        i am now 73 years old. In 2008 I discovered I had prostate cancer and received radiation therapy in fall of that year. About three years later, in late 2011, my PSA indicated that it had metastacized.  So I had Lupron therapy at that time.  In 2014 again, PSA indicated return of metastasis and again, Lupron therapy. And, again, in 2016, same story. To answer your question, each time the effects wore off ab...

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          I've had prostate  cancer since 2008 at age 62, over ten years ago, and it metastacized in 2012, now into seventh year of Stage 4.  I've gone through three hormone therapy sessions but none since June 2016.  Now my PSA is rising again, up to 20.8 now and accelerating it seems.  I've tried a lot of things which I think slowed it down but what seemed to  work best was lycopenes and heat.  ...

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            I had pain at the very tip of my tailbone (cocyx) for awhile back a few years ago.  The pain seemed to go away when I ate lycopenes, for a few hours.  I gradually eliminated the pain by taking lycopenes frequently in addition to lupron therapy.  Although the pain never showed on a scan, I am pretty sure it came from metasticized prostate cancer, and I believe it was caused by the biopsy I had a few yea...

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              https://www.dhushara.com/cac/cacf/mustard1.pdf Sulforaphane and prostate cancer Earlier clinical and laboratory studies have shown that sulforaphane, a compound that occurs in signi?cant quantities in mustard, wasabi (and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and others) has unique and highly effective anticancer activities. This study has shown us something really interesting - that sulfora...

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                I forgot to point out in the previous post that lycopene intake alone needs to be combined with two things: first, add a little olive or vegetable oil to the lycopene rich food such as tomato sauce or paste, v8 juice, or catsup, and second, add a little capsaicin such as hot sauce, to the food.  This will help the lycopene absorption in the blood (oil) and  effectiveness in aptosis (capsaicin)...according t...

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                  Meetha It is possible that the heat therapy actually causes a rise in PSA and therefore a faulty reading.  And in fact the articles and books I read suggest that PSA would decline only after an extended period like one or two months after treatment. If you look at the causes of PSA rise you will see  that any kind of stimulation of the prostate gland or in the case of stage 4 prostate cancer, the migrated...

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                    Sounds good Meetha, similar to my own experience.  Ihavebeen doing hot shower on the skull treatment almost daily lately and it seems to have eliminated the headaches.  I do it about 15 seconds at 110F each morning. I can feel the heat getting down to the skull but not inside.  I use the hot plate at 130-110 on my left back every other day also.  Seems to eliminate that pain at least for a day or ...

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                      A couple of things I forgot to  mention in my lasts post: I cook tomatoes and make soup with other things, like sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and other vegetables.  I have a small bowl of the soup with bread.  Also, I have not had any therapy since my lst Lupron shot back in June 2016, two and a half years ago.  I also eat a lot of black pepper.  I read somewhere that piperine in b...

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                      73 years old male. Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008. Biopsy showed Gleason 7. PSA rose to 10, had rad therapy. 2012 PSA rose to 10, diagnosed stage 4 but no sign of location of metastasis. 2014 and 2016 again PSA rose to 10, followed by hormone therapy. 2017 again PSA rose, 4.3 in December 2017. 6.9 in March 2018. 8.3 in June 2018. 11.6 in Aug 2018, 12.8 in Nov 2018,16.9 Feb. 2019, 20.8 in mar. 2019.

                      August 2017 had sore rib, doc ordered scans. PET scan showed 3 skull spots. Metastasis bone scan six weeks later showed nothing anywhere.
                      I take lycopenes frequently, 3-4 times per day. I also try to kill metastasis tumors with heat. I lately increased intake of vitamin D3 also. I consume daily some black pepper, curry powder, paprika, and garlic powder, as well as jalepenos.
                      I have tried other alternatives e.g. baking soda protocol, artemisinin, wormwood, and others with no effect so I discontinued taking them.
                      Health now is very good except for some rib and spine pain which seems controlled by , lycopene intake. Recently use heat therapy daily to control tumors in back lymph nodes and on skull.

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