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Survivor, Patient
Ovarian Cancer
Diet, After Treatment, Alternative Treatments, Cancer Nutrition, Cancer Prevention, Prevention Tips, Recipes, Spiritual Support

I am a blessed mother of four sons and one precious granddaughter. Although being diagnosed with ovarian cancer (granulosa cell tumor) in August 2007 changed my priorities, I have learned that the cancer does not define who I am and I refuse to be a victim. I married a wonderful man six months after my diagnosis and surgery; although we spent 10 years together before my diagnosis, my medical crisis brought us to the realization of how precious and fleeting time is. I have learned from everyone I have encountered on this journey. What is most difficult is meeting and knowing others who are suffering; hoping to give them some measure of comfort in some small humble way. I am grateful each and every day that my tests have indicated no reoccurance; the hard part is seeing others who are righting for their lives. We need to advocate for more research on GCT; so little is known about it and the treatment. I was told at my cancer treatment center that they were only "guessing" at how to treat GCT; utilzing the same treatment of carbo and taxol that is used to treat testicular cancer. God bless you all.

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