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    My dad passed away August 31, 2014.  I had the dates wrong in the first posting.  He went into the hospital on August 19.  That is when we found out he had Stage 4 lung cancer that had spread.  He came home August 26.  We set up hospice care and he passed away Sunday morning. I can't believe that it was so fast.  From June until the end of August.  My heart is broken and I miss him...

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      I am sitting here tonight, or morning as it is now, praying that my dad my dad does not suffer long.  Hospice believes he is in his final hours or days.  Here is our story. My dad has never been sick.  He has had both hips replaced and one carotid artery in his neck is fully blocked and the other he had surgery to open up.  He never once complained of any pain.  He is a strongest man I know....

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