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RE: Picato (ingenol mebutate) gel?

by tracyz - January 20 at 7:12 PM

Oh wow.. no I had not seen this. Thank you for posting. I have done two treatments on my face/chest each a year apart as well. In the fall saw my derm and planned to do it again this April. I'll be making an appointment to go back. Thank you for posting!

On Apr 02, 2018 11:54 AM andreaki wrote:

Why are you putting a cream on after you wash off the Picato?  Wouldn't it be better to let it do it's job and wait until the last application?  Just asking.

No, it doesn't interfer with the Picato doing its job is my understanding. My derm is who told me told me t start appying after the 1st day and it does not hinder the Picato working.  I applied Picato and waiting 10 hours. After washing thatis whey I applied Biafine.  The did second treatment later than evening... waited 10 hours and washed and applied again. I didn't use along with Picato. Only after 10 hours.

On Apr 01, 2018 6:48 PM WalterP wrote:

Well there also seems to be an epidemic of derms failing to disclose just how gory things get with Effudex/Picato. That is certainly true, too. Unfortunately, just cause someone is a doctor or lawyer doesn't mean they have any common sense. 

Yes totally agree.  It is a pretty severe reaction, even when you know its coming it is hard to go through.

On Apr 01, 2018 5:53 PM WalterP wrote:

If it's any consolation the unwanted stuff returns after Levulon Blue Light therapy, too. It makes things somewhat better/clearer but is nowhere near the almost certain cure the company claims. The derm still has to spot freeze areas afterwards. The good news about it is Medicare pays for it in the US. 

FWIW the derms I've visited the last few years are only recommending Picato to treat small spots as opposed to large areas. 

I'm constantly amazed how many people on this forum ignore the instructions to use it on no more than a two inch square area, smear it all over their face and scalp, and act surprised they're suffering. 

Yes, I questioned my derm about the two inch square recommendation and he told me to do whole face for max benefit. I am not suprised... as I knew it was coming  given I had done my chest already, just painful and scary none the less...

Hello -

I did Picato on my chest a few weeks ago so I could see what I was getting into and currently I am on day 4 for my face (and last night was my third nigt of applying). Thank goodness that is over and just healing now. I have had a pretty severe reaction.  At lot of pain and burning since walking up the second day. Application of the 2nd and 3rd dose were immediate burning and no relief until I washed in cool water about 9-10 hours later. I took iburprofin and benedryl to try and find some comfort.

For my face, today (day four) is defintely the worst. My face is exactly as many have described.  Severely burned, swollen, many raw areas, scabs, and peeling. My eyes were almost felt swollen shut yesterday and this am when I woke up.  I look pretty disfigured. I am using bags of frozen peas in a soft towel gently placed on my face to help cool and help the swelling. I have a small fan (nail fan) that i have been using as close as I can get it for the past 2 days. I just take it with me everywhere I am sitting and gives me some relief. It is a lifesaver for me. I slept with it on my nighstand as well blowing cool air.

I wanted to add that my dermatologist subscribed Biafine cream for me to use.  The Biafine cream helped my chest so much and am using it on my face hoping it heals more quickly.  

This is not where I purchased it and don’t know anything about avibon.com ….. I got my at the dermatogists office but here is a link to show the cream. you: avibon.com /Biafine-Emulsion-186g-w-Free-Shipping-Tracking-3400932857012.htm" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.avibon.com /Biafine-Emulsion-186g-w-Free-Shipping

I will continue using in a few times a days from here on out while healing.

When I went in for check up for my chest at day 10, he suggested the biafine which I got at his office and right away I saw improvement.  Hopfing the same for my face. I started using biafine day 2.  After I washed off first application I put on biafine.  Then again after washing out second picator dose, etc. Now that I am no day 4 using a few times a day along with CerVe face cream througout the day to keep moist and cool. 

There is no way I could of been in public the last three days since starting.  I look like a burn victim.... I have 7 days off work so hoping to be back at work next Monday April 9th. 

I have follow up at my derm to check my face April 6th. 

Hoping the biafine helps me heal quickly.  It is scary how serverely burned you get... my chest healed fine but just nervous because it is my face.... To be continued.... 

The vaseline around the eyes is such a great tip!  I will definitely to that.  My concern with face was I have spot on my nose they biopsied and for sure is AK and am worried b/c it is so close to my eyes. Vaseline makes we feel better if that blocks it from spreading accidently! I am on day 9 of my chest and will do my face next week. Also my derm does a check up at day 10. I am going tomorrow for my chest 10 day check up.

Emuaid use after Picato Gel?

by tracyz - March 15, 2018

Hi -

I am on day 4 after applying Picato Gel on my chest for two days..

I blistered days 2 and 3 and most blisters have popped (the biggest ones) while I still have many tiny ones as of this AM I am beginning to peel and have some raw skin.  I itch quit a bit too and feel dry like I need to apply lotion.  Someone sugguested I try Emuaid.  My dermotologist did not suggest any certain creams to used while healing... I have read many use aquafor but that hasn't given me any relief.  Has anyone used Emuaid or other creams? Just looking for comfort and anything that will help heal quicker.  I am going to do my face in a few weeks and I guess practicing on my chest! Thanks for any insight with the pain and healing creams/ointments.

RE: Picato Gel

by tracyz - March 13, 2018

I just started yesterday. I am doing my chest (v neck) area.  I need to do my face as well but worried about healing time for work and decided to my chest first to see how it goes.  I needed to do both anyway. 

I just did second tube (day 2).  It's like a terrible sunburn and bubbling up presumably at the worst areas for me. Feeling itchy and burning this eve and anxious to see how this all pans out..... uncomfortable for sure after second dose. 

I have precancer cells from a biopsy on my nose so I will need to do that next... very nervous to do so for being in public...

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