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    I have stage 2 triple negative IDC as well and started with 4 rounds of chemo that I will follow with surgery. Mine had not spread prior to me starting chemo. The combination of chemo drugs I am on seem to be the right ones for this type of cancer as my tumor all but disappeared 7 days after my first round of chemo. The fatigue has been the hardest part for me, with it gradually getting worse each round as your no...

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      There are extenuating circumstance why I need to keep the discretion at work at the moment and why I am trying to be creative at hiding it there. My boss and the critical people know of my cancer and are supportive of me through the process otherwise. I was avid at the gym prior to starting chemo and have the clearance to continue to do that during chemo as much as I feel up to it. For my the gym quiets the mi...

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        I have a gym in my office that is great and I want to continue to work out. Most people in my office don’t know I am being treated for cancer. Looking for ways to be descrete in hiding the hair loss in the locker rooms etc.

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