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    I went through 8 weeks of Chemo and didn't lose my hair.  I strted taking Tarceva two months ago (November 7) and now my hair is starting to fall out.  It is happening slowly, but I find hair on sink counter, hair brush, clothing etc.  all the time.    Hair loss isn't listed as a Tarceva side effect, but it must be.  

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      I have stage 4 lung cancer.  ARgh.  I was diagnosed in August of 2017.  It stinks.  ANyway.  I went through chemo and radiation and now I am taking Tarceva.  I never lost any hair through my chemo treatments, but now I feel  like I am shedding.    I did cut my hair short when I first found out I had cancer as I thought, and was told that I would lose my hair. &nb...

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