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    Dear Anita and all who are part of this group who were subjected to Radiation when a young child for an Enlarged Thymus. As you probably have seen I have had most of my Thyroid removed when I was 28 in 1968 because of precancerous tumors. I have had several uncomfortable biopsies of what is left of my thyroid because of nodules growing.  I am due for another biopsy later this month. I also have had at least 24 ...

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      Hi Brenda, I was given radiation for an enlarged Thymus gland when I was too young to remember the treatment. I believe it was 1944 when I was about three years old.  I noticed a lump on my throat in 1968 and was later diagnosed with precancerous tumors on my thyroid. A specialist surgeon removed most of my thyroid that year. This same surgeon said it was common for cancer or precancerous tumors to show u...

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