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    Stilll coughing my brains off....today was really bad, I was throwing up I coughed so much, but I finally got it calmed down with all my little tricks. If I don't talk I am much better usually but I love to talk......been on the Inlyta going on 3 weeks so I am hoping it kicks in soon....... I was diagnosed in 2012, jsut a fluke as my only symptom was a cough, not as bad as this though and the lesions in my lungs are ...

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      thanks so much for your speedy response.....I am on an inhaler similar to Advair....did you take the torisel alone as I am on a new oral drug Inlyta, as votrient stopped working...it worked for me for 2 1/2 years.....what made you itchy the Torisel?????

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        I have kidney cancer , and lung mets diagnosed in 2012 . I had my R kidney removed and have been on Votrient since. All my scans up to the recent on October 29th have showed shrinkage of area in the mediastinal areas. One of my initial symptoms was a cough and now the cough is back with avangence. I am now on Inlyta 5mg 2 times a day. I am waiting for this stuff to kick in but in the mean time anyone have any luck wi...

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          I jsut reread my message, and want to correct that I am on 800 mg...i must have chemo brain!!!!!

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            just wanted to let my fellow Kidney Ca buddies that I have had good results with using probiotics with votrient. It seems to be helping with the GI side effects, especially vomitin and the diarrhea. I have been on 1200mg of Votrient for approx 2 years and over that time have had quite a lot of trouble with the "poison pill" as I call it. Although it is not too pleasant to take it is doing the trick shrinking the lesi...

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              i am taking Votrient for kidney cancer dx in 2012, with lung mets. I was seen in Binghamton and referred to Sloan Kettering due to the stage and was told about both drugs, my local oncologist chose Votrient over Sutent due to the reasons mentioned above and I have had good results and continued shrinkage of the lung areas and no new areas in the kidney area. I had my R kidney removed. although it is still a to...

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                Does anyone have a magic cure for the horrible GI side effects of this drug??? It is working but I am almost at the end of my rope with it.....I feel like my bathroon is now my  full time job, with no pay!!!!!....I have lost about 50# which I had to lose but now I am hearing if you lose any more we may need to lower the dose. And I m not skin and bones by any means but I do look good...but just fe...

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                    wallgev wondering if anyone has suggestion regarding the GI side effects of votrient....it is working so I shouldn't complain but it is miserable stuff...I spend way to much time in the Bathroom!!!!!
                    I have Zofran, Imodium, Miralax, probiotics, prunes and juice...you name it.....can't get things under control....

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                I am a 62 yr old female with stage 4 clear cell kidney cancer with mets to my R lung, Diagnosed in 3/2012. I am on Votrient 800mg and have been since 6/2012, after a nephrectomy and lung biopsy and referral to Sloan Kettering in NYC. I am doing well over all and my last scan showed my lung almost cleared of the areas that were involved.

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