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    Hello, I had colorectal cancer 3 !/2 years ago and had rectum removed and reattached to anus..I didn't have a colostomy ever and my colon has "learned" to become a rectum and works fairly well.  My problem is that when I try to resume my running practice (was an avid runner before cancer)   it causes dull pain in the region where the surgery was. this pain stays with me for days and I'm forced to just take ...

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      Hi there..I had oxaliplain 3 years ago..and still have peripheral neuropathy in feet and hands..My hands are mostly better but have tingling in tips of fingers ..my feet on the other hand are completely numb on the soles and the toes still have neuropathy very badly..I can't even explain the sensation ..no way to describe.  I used to have in lower legs but not so bad now..I have done alot of heat therapy (hot ba...

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        Hello, After going thorugh 6 months of chemotherapy for colorectal cancer , the oxaliplatin left me  with terrible neuropathy that involved my feet and went up my legs also my hands.After several weeks of depression.I decided (even though it drove me CRAZY) not to let it alter my lifestyle..So I began working as a massage therapist, running , playing insturments , skiing and generally continuing with everything ...

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